How I approach interior architecture photography

Recently, a friend approached me about some photos to be taken for his construction business. His company mainly deals with house extensions/construction work as well as interiors. He was intending to create a website for his business and therefore needed some architecture photos of his work. Since I am mostly involved with people photography, he wanted to know if I can really do photos of the interiors. To prove it, I decided to do a little test at another friends place (since his house is kept clean and looks better than ours :).

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Headshots with Rachael Hannah Mccaul

I’ve just recently had a chance to work on a number of headshot portraits for a beautiful aspiring actress/singer and a fantastic belly dancer Rachael Hannah Mccaul. I’ve had some past work with her too when I did some beauty shots with her. I’d be posting more on how I acheived some of these headshots soon!!